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stii ce mi-a placut, linistea oamenilor, natura, faptul ca era incredibil de curat, multitudinea de oameni diferiti, arhitectura, luminile de craciun, gradinile, parcurile, pasarile, aerul de munte…
si mergand pe autostrada, gandul meu a fost, romania n-o sa aibe asa ceva nici in 100 de ani..
100 de ani mi se pare diferenta intre noi si ungaria si apoi mai ales austria…
normal ca mozart a compus capodopere  in asemenea oras :))
kidding dar cam asa simteam.
ca un ceas care functioneaza perfect dar avandu-l tu, timpul se poate dilata si fiecare secunda era plina.
strazile vechi erau Mecca dar era totusi atat de liniste..
si baietii erau asa, hmm draguti, eleganti, inalti si cu paltoane , multi oameni alergau, altii plimbau cainii, caini din aia mari…
inca ‘rumeg’ imagini si impresii, intr-o noapte cand m-am intors am visat ca eram tot acolo, tre sa ajung la o concluzie.

Merry Christmas


La multi ani, lume a cartilor, a visurilor, a entuziasmului, a inocentei, a tolerantei.

Va iubesc pe toti din sufletul meu: parinti si prieteni.


Ne revedem in 31 decembrie.

What kind of place is this? It’s beautiful

Pigeons fly, women fall from the sky! I’m moving here!

This is my story. This is the sacrifice my father made. This was his gift to me.

when your hair was long

when your hair was long
i wish i had known you when your hair was long.
before you became able to explain
…the beauty that is cast
by the shadow of a football field. 

before you started
anthro-apologizing for
America’s beating heart;
back when you sang alone into empty
white waiting rooms,
damp with abstinence
and geisha paint.

long haired anger, i wish i had known you,
held your hand
even though we probably wouldn’t have known
what to call it.

how did you come to be so new?
you close chapters of your life with
scissors and speeches and powerpoint presentations
how did you come to ebb here,
drunk between
blankets, skin
and armored eyes?

and when your echoed scream
breaks against rooms of
mirrors and familiar songs,
“take me home’,
i will open and say, “Ocean,
you were made to sculpt shores.”
POEM WRITTEN BY _fallenleaf





:) Beautiful winter ahead eh

dar drum greu.. 🙂